Tatio Geysers & Machuca Town

Our trip to the Highlands begins early in the morning, to see the sunrise in one of the most important geothermal fields in the world: The Geysers del Tatio. There are more than 70 fumaroles from which steam jets emerge and form pools of boiling water. His best face is presented at first hour of the day, which is when beautiful colors are born between the contrast of the intense blue sky and the pristine steam of the geysers. In the midst of this impressive natural scenery next to the Andes, we will enjoy a breakfast reponent, which allows us to warm the body, since the temperatures in this area reach

24.5 ºc and the minimum of 2º C below zero. Then we will visit the “rustic pool”, where you can enjoy mountain thermal waters. Taking the road back to San Pedro de Atacama, we will observe the beauty of the landscape, its valleys, its native flora and fauna, where the charismatic Vicuñas and Vizcachas stand out. Then we will stop in the town of Machuca, Atacama Town of only twenty houses of adobe, Straw and wood of cactus, where its inhabitants are dedicated to the tourism and offer Andean crafts, and typical gastronomy like meat of call, Sopaipillas and empanadas. The stop includes a visit to the beautiful church of St. Santiago-patron of the village-, and to a small bofedal where flamingos, ducks and other birds coexist.