Buenos Aires, San Telmo & La Boca

Located south of the city , La Boca is one of the most picturesque sites for its history as linked to immigration and tango near the creek established their tin houses in search of a better life those Italian immigrants. The neighbourhood retains cobblestone streets as “Caminito” street , now a pedestrian walkway that creates the old tenements, brightly painted , this craftsmen and artists are located to offer paintings, etc. . From the promenade that runs along the creek has a view of abandoned boats immortalised by Quinquela Martin. Here was born a passion of Argentine football: Boca Juniors Club. The neighbourhood of San Telmo is the oldest city retains the charm of the streets with the low houses with barred windows and lanterns are lit at sunset here is the Dorrego Square , center of attraction, and the area where the every sunday there is an antiques fair as phonographs , lacquer discs , cups , porcelain and clothing that draws crowds .