Daily departures 10.00 – 15.00 (everyday except Thursday)
Duration: 4 hours.

Rafting is a sport and recreational activity that consists of crossing the river channel in the flow direction (downstream) on a vessel; the most common are called rafts, these can be rigid or inflatable.

In the town of El Chalten, Santa Cruz, we found the Rio de Las Vueltas which originates at Lake Desert to 506 meters above the sea. Its most important tributaries are the Rio Electric, and the Rio Fitz Roy both glacial (Marconi Glacier and Glacier Torre respectively).

As glacial tributaries, it is a river that has the characteristic whitish stable water levels; or brown in case of rain or snowmelt. The water temperature is between 5 and 7 degrees.

During spring, summer and autumn (September to April) its average flow is 52.35 m³ / s, which allows to the confluence of the river Fitz Roy, navigate between slopes and enjoying the quiet landscape around us .

By the morphology of the river and the unique beauty of the place, two new products “Rafting El Chalten” and “Full Day Rafting” offer plenty of adventure and ensuring an exclusive activity (maximum 8 passengers in each raft).

The experience begins when passengers “Rafting El Chalten” arrive at the base in the village, where they will welcome you and be informed about the area (Glacier National Park), and then explain the development of the activity.

Each passenger will be provided with the required technical equipment: thermal suit, dry suit, helmet, life jacket and neoprene boots.

Once passengers are equipped, they are transferred to the entrance area to the river where the guide will give a talk about technique and safety of the activity, then embarks and starts the activity in the water.

The first area consists of four kilometers of calm and meandering waters with Fitz Roy behind us; familiarisarse ideal area to raft the river and practice paddling techniques needed.

The second area is that of the canyon. Having avoided the rapid initial we will find a series of fun and exciting rapids for 8 kms.

We finish the fall with an area of ??2 km of calm waters. At the end of the tour we were waiting for our car to take us back to El Chalten.