We begin our tour heading to the Pan American Highway that will take us to the Pucon city, located 310 km north of Puerto Varas city, and located on the eastern shore of Villarrica Lake. We continue our journey to the Pucon city, very close to volcanoes, lakes, rivers, parks and hotsprings waters, a privileged natural environment that allows tourism all year round. The predominant architecture is mountain-style, with influences of German settlers who arrived in Chile in the XIX century and the traditions of the Mapuche, which can be seen from the architecture to a variety of attractions available. The town is small, so enjoy a relaxing stroll along the Big Beach Villarrica Lake or formerly called Mallolafquen (Lake of white clay), Pucon Hotel, main square, Santa Cruz Church and craft centers to continue to La Poza pier, typical wooden towers, Mapuche Museum (People of the earth) and the Cloistered nuns monastery where we will have a panoramic view of the city ideal to take pictures. The Villarrica volcano always is on sight; very close of the city. The conic form always shows on top a fumarole that does not alteres the lives of the population.

DURATION: Full Day (14 Hours).


DEPARTURES: Puerto Varas / Puerto Montt.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Comfortable clothes and shoes, hat, sunblock, sunglasses and if it rains a water resistant jacket.