Andean Experience

Development : Moving to Higher Ground / Ice climbing ) / snowshoe walk ( 2 hours 30 min) / back to Ushuaia. .

Description: starting from the hotel toward the Valle Tierra Mayor, once in the valley our guide instructor welcomes us , and after a brief chat we put on our snowshoes and start our experience , we crossed the huge glacial valley entering in the winter dense forest, we reached places where access would be impossible otherwise , this is how we discover majestic vantage points where you can see the valley in its entirety . We visited the waterfall Alvear Ice and began the descent . Our path is cut to reach the Earth High River canyon . The walk between lenga culminates at the foot of Refuge hachero where recovered energy with a hot chocolate and returned to the valley. The ice climbing instruction , can be performed either in natural ice waterfalls and artificial icefall prepared near the lodge , depending on weather conditions.